Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs? 6 Different Uses of NewTechWood Composite Decking 2018-02-03

For the longest time, floors and decks have been built with hardwood.

But wooden floors and decks are susceptible to mold and rot, and therefore, not durable. Authentic hardwood boards are also quite expensive to buy and install.

Today, people are moving towards a more affordable, durable, and low-maintenance alternative – composite deck boards. While composite is most popular in its flooring applications, the technology can also be employed to other uses at home.

How heavy composite deck can support

6 Ways of Using Composite Decking Boards in Your Home

1. Swimming Pool Decks

 Newtechwood Composite deck is no warping, splinter and slip resistant
No warping, splinter and slip resistant for swimming poolside deck

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, composite decking is an excellent choice for the pool area because it won’t warp or splinter and is slip resistant.

Depending on the weathering and exposure to the sun, most materials will fade over time, but not with composite, especially high-quality composite like NewTechWood. NewTechWood will leave your pool area looking attractive and new over the years.

What’s more, composite decking does not require a lot of maintenance. This will save you lots of money and time in the long run.

2. Hot Tub Decks

If you want to have that rustic feel around your hot tub area, the composite decking is a great choice. Unlike wood, composite decking does not only look good, but also doesn’t allow any water infiltration. This means that it won’t rot or harbor mold.

But not all composite decking will give you the desired results. Some will start fading after some time. However, with a capped composite decking, you can be assured of a long-lasting and gorgeous deck over the years.

3. Beautiful Pathways

Connect your outdoor spaces or keep dirty feet off your lovely garden with a durable composite deck pathways. You can build one with the leftover composite boards from your deck or patio.

4. Pretty Planter Boxes

Beauty your garden with composite deck with Planter Boxes

With just a few composite deck boards, you can build planter boxes for your garden. Unlike wood, composite is toxin-free and won’t rot when they get wet. This makes it a good choice for your flowers, edibles, and even seasonal décor.

If you don’t have time to build one, or you’re not a hands-on type of person, you can get ready-made and beautiful composite planter boxes from NewTechWood.

5. Birdhouses and Feeders

Composite made birdhouses and feeders can sustain colorful for years.no maintenance for composite birdhouses and feeders

If you love bird watching, building birdhouses and feeders from your extra composite decking boards is a great way of bringing these beautiful creatures to your home.

You can also get ready-made birdhouses and feeders from NewTechWood.

6. Cladding and Siding

Newtechwood Composite outdoor siding  system is ventilation function built-in
Made-simple to use Systematic Composite Cladding and siding

Another often overlooked use of composite decks is in cladding and siding of a house. Cladding and siding are necessary for homes with water infiltration problems. They are also used to improve a home’s general appearance.

While there exist other cladding and siding materials like pebble tiles and stones, composite boards are more effective and affordable.

Cladding and siding composite boards from NewTechWood are of high quality and easy to install, you can even do it yourself.

For Enhanced Outdoor Living Space, Talk to NewTechWood

It’s no doubt that composite is the future of our home building. There’s no building material that can match the convenience of composite.

Nonetheless, make sure that you choose the best composite brand for effective results. At NewTechWood, our patented UltraShield technology sets us far apart from the rest. For state-of-the-art composite decking, pathways, siding, birdhouses, and many more composite products, you can always count on us.